Top International Schools in the Marbella area

For parents of young children part of your search for the perfect Marbella property will  undoubtedly be dictated by where you will be sending your children to school.  Marbella and the Costa del Sol is a melting pot of nationalities and thanks to this international community we have some excellent schools for you to choose …

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Free Covid Travel Insurance

ANDALUCIA OFFERS FREE COVID TRAVEL INSURANCE IN BID TO BOOST TOURISM International travellers visiting the autonomous region of Andalucia will now be eligible to receive free travel “COVID” insurance, according to the regional government´s official tourism website This initiative is aimed at boosting foreign travel to the region, especially to the tourist resorts along the Costa …

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The Golden Visa for Spanish Residency

The Spanish “Golden Visa” Explained The Spanish Golden Visa offers buyers and investors from Non EU countries the chance to obtain automatic Spanish residency in return for investing €500,000 in the Spanish property market. This investment can be made in one property purchase, or split between various property purchases, as long as the €500.000 minimum …

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Great News, less tax!!!

If you are thinking about investing in a property on the Costa del Sol, we have some good news for you!  The Andalusian government has passed a decree reducing property Transfer Tax (the tax paid on the purchase and sale of second-hand homes). Up until now the three rates have been set at 8%, 9% and 10% …

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We have always known that there was more than one reason we love it here on the Costa Del Sol and now it’s official !!! A recent study promoted by the European Commission on the quality of life and satisfaction of people loving life in European countries confirmed that the Malaga province (Costa del Sol) …

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Malaga´s Property Market is one of the Strongest in Spain

MALAGA has enjoyed one of the strongest recoveries from the 2008 property crash. Last year, the province registered 30,300 sales, a 14.6% increase on the year before. It means it had the second highest number of sales per inhabitant in the whole of Spain. Foreigners acquired almost 30% of these homes, a percentage that also …

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Spanish residential property prices will rise by 7.3% by 2020

Spanish residential property prices will rise by 7.3% by 2020, according to a new report by Solvia. With the Spanish property market making huge progress over the past year, prospective buyers are once again considering Spanish property as a safe investment option. The renewed demand for Spanish property is pushing up property prices in prime …

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Keep Calm and Carry On buying Spanish property, say Brits

From holidays to homebuying, Brits continue to view Spain as their country of choice, with the number of flight and hotel bookings so far this year already up on 2016’s record breaking a year. There had been concerns that the weaker pound and ongoing political turmoil stemming from the British Prime Minister’s signing of Article …

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Visitors to Spain on the increase

15 per cent more British visitors to Spain in January 2017 The boom in the Spanish international tourist sector shows no signs of slowing down as another year begins, with the figures released on Tuesday for the month of January 2017, showing that the number of people visiting Spain from abroad was 10.7% higher than …

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Spanish homes offer best value in Europe – now official !!!

A new metric of measuring property values devised by the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD) has found that homes in Spain represent some of the best value in Europe. Based on more than a decade’s worth of research, the OECD has plotted local house prices in many of the world’s most developed countries against typical wages, …

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HMRC to launch new powers to claw back unpaid overseas tax

The government authority has issued a publicity campaign this week to alert potential tax-avoiders of its new capabilities, which will come into force after December 31 once the current Leichtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) closes in 2016.  More than 90 countries, including Spain, have signed up to the scheme, which will mean that HMRC can look …

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Spanish economic outlook raised with the property market driving recovery

The IMF increased its gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast for the year to 3.1 per cent this week, increased from the 2.5 per cent forecast earlier in the year. In raising Spain’s outlook, the IMF commented that the country’s “continued fiscal consolidation has reassured markets and further boosted confidence. These collective efforts of Spanish …

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Costa Del Sol sales lead the way

The Economic woes that have crippled southern Spain’s tourism, hospitality and real estate industries in recent years have come to an abrupt halt in 2015.  Despite the coldest winter in 10 years, economic data from its property industry is sure to bring warmth into the lives of the local residents and property professionals alike.  According …

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Spain house building levels rise for first time in seven years

Spanish construction companies have begun building new residential and commercial properties at a pace not seen since 2007 as the economy and real estate market continues its encouraging recovery. During the height of the economic boom the construction industry accounted for more than 10 per cent of Spain’s GDP, and although that figure has fallen …

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