What is the Value of my Property?

20 January 2022
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I want to sell my property. How much is it worth?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is: it depends on a lot of variants.
However, it is a very important question because getting the price wrong could mean you lose out on extra money or your property could be sitting stagnant on the market due to over pricing….neither of which you want!

So you want to sell your home on the Costa del Sol?

The first step is understanding that a true market value of your property is relative. A price depends on many fixed factors: Location, build size, plot size, views, orientation, age, interior characteristics, surrounding amenities, furniture, design, the surrounding infrastructure and of course surrounding properties. Having said that, there is also a sentimental value that accompanies many sales and that cannot be easily valued but it is our job to manage expectations, as over valuing your property will have no benefit to you. Our objective is to get you a quick and fair sale, maximising your profits with a minimal sale time.

How much is my HOUSE worth?

If you own a stand alone, detached villa your house price will stem from the basic value of the land on which it is built and, of course, the location. Any added value will be attributed to the quality of the construction, size, views, design, age, interior design, privacy as well as proximity to amenities, surrounding infrastructure…..the list goes on.

Ok, I want to sell my property.

If you would like to sell your property we would be happy to give you an appraised value. Contact us to arrange a meeting. Prices are constantly moving and, to make sure you get the very best price for your home, we would keep an eye on the market so that your home always retains a market value sale´s price, never to be undersold.

Our listing service is free, your property will be added to our website free of charge and it will get exposure on over 100 property portals worldwide, again totally free of charge.
Maximum exposure, minimum sale´s time.

SOLD is our favourite word!