Spain maybe coming out of recession but property prices remain low

28 October 2014

Spain maybe coming out of recession but property prices remain low, making 2014/15  the perfect time for investors to snap up a bargain apartment or a reduced luxury Villa in Marbella,always one of the most desirable locations in Europe.
Statistics show a rise of enquiries for Spanish properties from Scandinavian, Chinese, Indian, American and Middle Eastern investors and completed sales are increasing month by month.Sales of good quality properties, in prime locations, priced correctly for today’s market are now selling in weeks rather than months or years! Buyers such as wealthy Chinese, Scandinavians, Middle Eastern, American and the Brits are now returning to the Spanish property market in force as confidence returns.
This market confidence, coupled with a correction in realistic vendors expectations in the current market, makes achieving a sale much easier. It is now widely understood that the Marbella property prices must fall in line with current true market value.
Following the Spanish government’s decision to offer permanent residency to non EU investors the demandis expected to increase with numbers of Chinese and Middle Eastern buyers looking to invest in Spanish properties and Spanish businesses. This is giving a massive boost to an industry that has been struggling for the last 6 years.
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